Tips On How To Care For And Maintain Your Golf Cars

There can be many reasons you are responsible for a group of golf carts for sale that you must care for and maintain. You could be running the clubhouse of a golf course people need to ride around on.

Perhaps you are a landlord, property manager, or supervisor of a maintenance department in a large residential community. A security staff might use them to get around a shopping mall or industrial warehouse, and event staff might need them at festivals or stadiums.

Keeping them running well means you can trust them to work for you when you need them, but it also means keeping everyone safe from injury or harm, and it can even save you money from excess repairs and wear and tear. The longer they last, the less you have to buy new ones. Keep reading to learn seven tips on how to care for and maintain your golf carts.

1) Read The Manual

Going through them, cover to cover, page by page, will tell you quite a bit about the golf carts, by the people that designed them and manufactured them. While real-world circumstances might change from their design and testing, you’ll have some idea what your golf carts can do, can’t do, and what they shouldn’t do. Learning and following the usage limits and maintenance schedule goes a long way towards extending their service life.

2) Have The Right Parts And Tools On Hand

If there are repairs and upgrades you can make on your own, then it’s helpful to have the right supplies in your work area. That way, when a breakdown does happen, you can just swap things out yourself and not have to rely on a technician appointment or wait for items to get shipped in.

3) Don’t Let Them Sit Unprotected

You might not have a way to put your golf carts indoors, but if they can have some protection from the elements and stay clean, they’ll wear down a lot slower.

4) Pick Who Uses Them Daily

Anyone can drive most golf carts, but they’re a lot like cars in the fact that if someone rides them rough or poorly, it’ll show over time as they accumulate damage. It would be good if the person driving  knows the right golf cart etiquette to prevent issues.

5) Track The Repairs And Maintenance

A full maintenance log is worth its weight in gold if you’re trying to figure out just how good a shape a golf cart is in.

6) Have More Than One Person Well-Versed In Their Upkeep

If you have one person that’s your go-to guy or gal for fixing up the golf carts, make sure they have a back-up. Sick days, days off, and vacations happen, and you don’t want a personal or scheduling issue creating a domino effect that knocks operations out of alignment.

7) Use the Internet To Do Research

Your golf cart manufacturers might have updates to the manuals as well as how-to videos on maintaining their products. You can find toll-free numbers and contact forms for questions, and possibly even forums to interact with other operators and owners to swap stories, expertise, and advice.

Now that you know these seven tips on how to care for and maintain your golf carts, you can keep your vehicle or fleet of vehicles up and running. Not only will everyone be safer, but your business, property, organization, or establishment will suffer far less disruption to its operations and even save money over time.

A Brief History Of Uniforms Compared To Modern Day Work Uniform Services

Wearing a work uniform is something that many people have to do, but most people do not understand the history behind this. There is a long history that has brought us to the point where we now have modern work uniforms. Work uniforms can be dated back to the Middle Ages and have changed a lot to become the types we know today.

The First Work Uniforms

Research into the history of work uniforms has found that the first types of clothing were not full outfits. In the Middle Ages, some workers would have badges which indicated their jobs or who they worked for. This is particularly common for messengers who would wear a badge with the insignia of the people they used to work for. This had a practical purpose as the individual receiving the message instantly know who had sent it to them and who to respond to.

At this time, merchants also wore badges to show that they were members of a merchant’s guild. This information would tell potential customers that they have better quality goods because the guild would demand this. Of course, not all badges were work related, and there were many used at this time for other reasons such as the ones worn by those pilgrimages.

The Age Of Liveries

Shortly after the Middle Ages, servants in the royal courts started to wear liveries. Liveries are a piece of clothing that has been emblazed with the crest and colors of the royal house. This work uniform also served a practical purpose of letting everyone know who the servants used to work for or which country they served. In addition, peasants wore clothing made of sheepskin and wool that somehow dictates their status in the society.

Liveries were the most typical work uniform through the 18th to early 20th century. The most dominant form of this type was the clothes used in the royal courts. However, at this time, many other workers were starting to wear uniforms as well.

The Modern Work Uniform

The modern work uniform was based on the ones worn by certain small industries. These small manufacturers had uniforms during the age of liveries but started to grow to a point where more people were wearing the uniforms. One of these industries is professional chefs who wore traditional chef outfits during the early 1900’s. With the rise of the restaurant industry, more and more chefs were around and wore this uniform which made it a mainstream work uniform.

Retail and tourism is the basis for most of the work uniforms that we know today including brand colors, logos, and name tags. British Airways was one of the first tourism companies to create one which was modeled on train guards and form air force wear. Other travel agencies and tourism companies followed this example and started to set up their work uniforms. In addition, companies have expanded services not only in manufacturing the uniforms but also offering cleaning as seen with the uniform services from

During the 1970’s, chain cinemas began to open, and they had branded uniforms for their employees to wear. This was done to encourage people to use the strings as the uniforms were seen to offer a better experience in the same manner as the old merchant guild badges.

How Can Chiropractic Clinics Help Headache Sufferers

It is shocking, but 90% of Americans suffer from regular headaches. That is one in ten that have one or more episode every several weeks. The level of these problems range from an annoying dull throbbing, all the way to those so severe they cause the sufferer to be bedridden with extreme sensitivity to light, sound and often these severe episodes are accompanied by nausea.

Trying to cope with it cause many to turn to over-the-counter pain medications. The problem is that those are meant to be temporary solutions to underlying pain. When aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen are taken routinely over extended periods, they can damage the lining of the stomach and cause other issues that are so severe that the user must permanently discontinue their use altogether, or suffer damage to the body from the overuse of those painkillers.

For this reason, many have turned to the practice of Chiropractic to remove the cause of this health issue. Some research has shown that manipulation of the spine can reduce or eliminate many types of problems. Many people that have pain that begins in the neck area and those caused by tension are good candidates for this kind of treatment.

Headaches are triggered by a wide range of causes. Among these causes are food, insomnia, noise, sudden changes in blood sugar, stress, and over exercising. It is estimated that up to 5% of headaches are caused by the bodies warning system and is an indication of physical trauma or illness.

Most headaches are not always caused by disease, but sometimes can occur due to many different factors. At times, these are typically caused by tension and migraines. Activities such as sitting at a desk all day can irritate joints and create tension in the neck and upper back. It is important to not stay in one position all day because this causes the body to develop aches and stiffness that can lead to more concerns.

The American Chiropractic Association recommends that those who spend a large part of their day in a fixed position such as at a desk in front of a computer, or reading, or other activities like sewing, should take a brief break every 30 minutes and stretch and move around.

Does Exercise Help Or Hurt?

Moderate amounts of low-impact aerobics often contribute to reducing this as well. Over exercising has been found to have the opposite effect and is a contributor to increased episodes of headaches.

Dehydration is another common cause of having this health concern. It is therefore recommended that people who suffer from this consume at least 2 liters of water daily.

How Can A Chiropractic Doctor Help?

To relieve tension in the spinal region, physical manipulation can be performed which has shown to reduce the number of episodes a headache sufferer encounters.

Manipulation of the spine can improve overall function and relieve stress on the bodies system. The Chiropractic doctor can give instructions on ergonomics, relaxation techniques, posture, and exercise. They can also make some nutritional recommendations such as increasing your intake of vitamin B complex.

A chiropractor clinic has lots of training that allows them to understand how stress on the spinal region can lead to other issues suffered by the body. It is great to also learn more about chiropractic care and general wellness tips by following your favorite chiropractor’s Facebook page like The Upper Cervical Spine Center to stay updated.